Your Sugaring Experience

Your Sugaring Experience

Portland Sugaring Specialists

Leave behind the horrible smell and potential burn of a traditional waxing, and enjoy a gentler hair-removal process that’s especially ideal for those with sensitive skin or very fine hair.

Sugaring uses natural ingredients—just lemon, sugar, and water! Moving with the hair, Marija gently pulls the hair from the follicle using this organic mixture. There’s no need to worry about harmful side effects, resins, or toxins. Sugaring is 100% natural and organic. It truly is the best form of hair removal!

Plus, as Marija applies the smooth mixture, it sticks to and removes just your hair. You’re not going to experience yanking and pulling on your skin, which is characteristic of a traditional waxing. After sugaring, Marija applies natural balms and toners to calm the skin.

Depending on your body, sugaring hair removal tends to last four to six weeks. Read the FAQ section to learn helpful tips to get the most out of your sugaring spa experience.

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